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RELX Classic Vape Pod Device Kit Vape Kits RELX Solar Eclipse | Black Gold Nimbus PodsRELX Classic Vape Pod Device Kit Vape Kits RELX Solar Eclipse | Black Gold Nimbus Pods

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The newest craze in closed pod system technology, the RELX Classic Vape Pod Device Kit. Being one of the must-haves if you prefer mouth to lung vaporizers, the RELX Classic Vape is packed with various features from its slick design to its utilization of the proprietary FEELM ceramic technology.


The FEELM cartridge pod design ensures a leak resistant pod and uses a microscopic honeycomb ceramic mesh for an extremely smooth vaping experience. The RELX device features a draw activated system to prevent any pesky accidental button pressing. Each vaporizer pod securely attaches to the device through its magnectic connection and once connected to the device, the pressure sensitve system takes control with a sensitivity of 0.001atm. This means the activation time from the pull is much quicker that any other device on the market.


The RELX features a 350mAH for long lasting everyday vaping and a massive 2.0ml capacity for its pre-filled nicotine salt e-juice pods that lasts approximately 650 puffs. RELX Classic pods come in wide range of flavors to choose from currently over 20+ flavors and counting.


Note: This kit does not come with any pods.


If you wish to purchase the device with a pod already included view the RELX Vape Pod Starter Kit.