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From device kits to starter kits, get the latest and greatest closed pod system vape kits from Canada's leading pod-based vaporizer provider.
STLTH Vape Pod Device Kit Vape Kits STLTH Black Nimbus PodsSTLTH Vape Pod Device Kit Vape Kits STLTH Black Nimbus Pods

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A new way to vape without the mess, coils or refills. The STLTH Vape Pod Device Kit is a simple, satisfying and stealthy vaporizer practical for everyday usage by experienced or beginner vapers. Designed specifically for adult smokers in mind, this device is built for practical everyday usage with a battery life of 420maH and 2.0ml capacity pods.

STLTH offers a wide variety of 20+ flavors often featuring other vape e-juice companies like Fruitbae, Premium Labs Decoded, VIA, Hope, Naked 100 and more!